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The range

Our scented 80g candles

A gift at a sweet price who will make everybody happy. And for ourselves, the ideal size to test a new fragrance at home from a collection we haven’t yet dared to test or bring along when traveling.
Burning time: 20h

Our scented 190g candles

It’s the perfect gift, to indulge yourselves in a warm and soft atmosphere or a friendly moment with our friends or family in a Provencal bastide… The perfect object to gift at a dinner party or house warming gift…
Burning time: 50h

Our scented 560g candles

A stunning decoration object as well as a perfume, it’s the most perfect gift to please those we want to spoil. Produced in limited quantities, the candle is glazed outside and inside by hand with our ochre from Roussillon. There are three wicks, a must for the candle to burn evenly.
Burning time: 80h

The know-how of the candle master

We have strict expectations and specifications in creating our fragrances, we have the same demand collaborating with the best artisans of Provence to obtain fully handmade candles. Our high quality scented candles benefit first of all from a perfumer know-how. With the same olfactive requirement as our perfumes, our candles are 8% to 10% concentrated in fragrance. Then, thanks to the know-how of one of the best candle masters in France, the scents reveal balance and delicacy.

The candles are handmade in an artisan’s workshop located in Aubagne, an unique family know-how handed down after 4 generations. In 1904, the monks of the Abbaye de Frigolet pass on their techniques to the great grandfather of the actual owners of the factory who jealously kept their secrets.
Handmade, each one of our candles is constructed with a unique perfume concentrate and a mix of specific waxes.

Our advice for use

Make sure to cut the wick with your scissors before lighting or when your candle cooled at room temperature only if it turns out to be necessary. Never cut the wick of a candle when burning.

If your candle, when burning, produces a too big flame or darkens the glass, it is because the wick is too long. Blow out the candle. Recut the wick between 3mm and 5mm – depending on the size of your candle - from the surface of wax.

Do not cut it too short, otherwise the wick will not melt all the surface of the candle. Make sure that it never exceeds1 cm, the ideal length being approximately 5 mm. By security measure, remove the pieces of matches, or wick, or other element fallen in the jar of the candle. By following these simple advice, you will take advantage completely of your favorite candle and its perfume !