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Home sprays 100ml

Home sprays are the essential complements to the range candle, for a more immediate use. Home sprays vaporize over and over again in the rooms of the house, to create immediately a pleasant perfumed atmosphere.

Fragrance diffuser

This ceramic diffuser matches with the home spray of your choice. This medaillon is 6cm of diameter and is decorated with a satin cotton ribbon. It hangs on in the house or can be slid into cupboards, chest of drawers … to perfume delicately your personal clothes and accessories. It is the perfect accessory at home as a complement to your favorite home spray. Light and easy to take with in its natural linen mini pouch, it is also ideal to perfume your luggage.

The know-how

Made in Grasse, our home sprays benefit from the same know-how of perfumer as our eaux de parfum and colognes. They are very concentrated - at 8 %, thus, a few sprays are so enough to perfume your interior.

Made in France in an exclusive ceramic material "CeraScent" holding 5 certificates, the fragrance diffuser has been specifically designed to diffuse delicately perfume. It restores without any denaturation every note of a perfume in a long lasting way.
Because traditional ceramic often contains organic substances susceptible to modify perfume, as well as heavy metals coming from the ground from where they are extracted.
The diffuser remains perfumed; depending of the intensity you wish, our recommendation is to renew the spraying on the diffuser between once a week and once a month.

Which home spray for the fragrance diffusers ?

Here are some ideas…

- Bois de cèdre for the entrance or the lounge

- Bois d'oranger for your room

- Fleur de tilleul for your lingerie

- Nectar de lavande for your home linen

After spraying your diffusers, you can hang them on door knobs or chest of drawers to perfume delicately your home. Also think of suspending it into your closet or of sliding it in drawers to perfume your clothes, your lingerie, your linen...