Artisan Perfumer in Provence since 2013

Designed & handmade in Provence

We chose to work locally, with the best craftsmen of Provence, less than 170 km away from Aix. 
Each of them an expert of his domain: perfumer, candle master, soap master … who knows how to sublimate our perfume concentrate in one cologne, a candle or a soap. 
It is thanks to all these talented craftsmen that our perfumed ideas can become real, respecting a principled manufacturing. 
Workshops are located in Provence, between Manosque, Grasse and Aubagne. 
Our manual manufacturing, in small quantities, garantees quality and preservation of the know-how All the manufacturing process - for a perfume, a candle or a soap - is made in the one and same workshop, from the concentrate up to the conditioning. 
It's all about authenticity !


Best gifts from Provence ...

Slow down, feel the sweetness of life...

Time to imagine, time to create, time to manufacture… Time is a daily luxury which we want to make ours and to share. Like the life in Provence, where we take time to savor the sweetness of the climate, the beauty of places and passing seasons… Unlike main stream industry, we want to let ourselves take time to create according to our inspirations, we want to let time for our perfume concentrate to mature naturally, to give our artisans time to work with precision and passion…

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Lavender Linen Care Collection

3 natural products designed for linen care and wellness

Enjoy the authentic scent of Provence!


Artisan Perfumer in Provence since 2013

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