An unique olfactive journey

Active filters

Mainly composed with natural essences, our eaux de parfums are formulated without conservative, without UV filter and without colorant

The range

Citrus, aromatic, woody, floral or moreish, the fragrance we wear reveals different sensations and feelings.

The collection of our eaux de parfum is composed of 8 different scents all created in a divine and perfectly balance way, far from the idea of it being bowering and head taking.

The serigraphy on the glass bottle avoids having a sticker, often damaged in time. The folding box, protecting the bottle before it's been open, is in a through-colored recyclable paper.

Natural spray 100ml

The best of perfume, in its standard format, to keep in our bathroom, on our desk or to just slip into our case when we travel. It is allowed in our cabin luggage, therefore, it can follow us anywhere.

Natural spray 50ml

The ideal size to discover a fragrance because we don't dare to start with a standard size. Easy to transport anywhere, it can be used wherever and whenever.

You may change your mind

Still not sure about the perfume you chose ?

We slide systematically in your parcel the 2ml sample of the perfume you ordered.

Make out a will on the sample before opening your perfume and verify !

If you change your mind, we exchange you with pleasure your perfume received in 30 days following your purchase.

A second sample 2ml is offered to you with your order to discover another fragrance of the perfume collection.

Two free samples to test

Our formula

We favor the use of natural raw materials to the detriment of their synthetic equivalents: essences of citrus fruits or aromatic plants, absolu of rose or immortal, fine lavender oil, essences of cedar or vanilla Bourbon. Natural treasures which we use for our concentrated perfume….

We use no additive for the manufacturing of our perfumes. In our formulae, you will find:
- no conservative - BHT…
- No colorant -
- ingredients beginning with IC
- No UV filter
- Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate / Butyl / Methoxydibenzoylmethane / Ethylhexyl Salicylate …

We do not add water to our perfumes.

The perfume as an obvious, the perfume as the essential

The know-how in the making of perfume

It is in Grasse, worldwide capital in the fragrance industry, that's realized the whole process that will lead to, once the raw materials are available, a finished fragrance.

The first stage of maturation of the essences will allow, on a few weeks, to conclude to a concentrate revealing all the essences who create the fragrance. The concentrate will then be mixed to some alcohol for a period of maceration in a tank in stainless steel for about a month, depending on the raw materials used and the olfactive balance that's desired.

The fragrance will then have to go throw different stages of freezing and filtering, final and crucial stage for the balance and the aesthetic of our perfumes, before being ready to be conditioned.
Each bottle is checked one by one by hand, filed, closed to then be cleaned with a cloth to finally be put into a folding box.

Give time, according to the best practice