Published : 26.11.2018

Natural laundry soap

Natural laundry soap

Why a laundry soap at PARFUMS DE LA BASTIDE ?

The creators designed Lessive toute douce following the tradition of "pur savon de Marseille" to take care of our linen, moving us directly to Provence. Fragranced with a perfume concentrate, formulated with vegetable oils, this laundry soap is natural and made in an artisanal way in Provence, respecting environnement. Gentle, aromatic and fresh, it is delicately perfumed and makes the linen clean and soft, for a daily confort and pleasure.

The Provencal inspiration of the « lavandières »

PARFUMS DE LA BASTIDE reconnects with the tradition of the lavandieres - washerwomen - who cleaned and dried the laundry at the village fountain, before folding it in wicker baskets. The ultimate step was to slip some lavender into the armoires to perfume it.
Lessive toute douce is perfumed with a perfume concentrate composed of the precious fine lavander of Sault, and many other aromatic essences, so good for well-being.The linen smells cleanliless and freshness, naturally.

Making the choice of a local, artisanal and principled manufacturing

Lessive toute douce is a “pur savon de Marseille” detergent is made by our master soap maker near Manosque, with the old-fashioned olive oil and copra. In an identical process than the liquid soap, it's fabricated with 12% of saponified vegetables oil. Formulated without phosphate, colorant, anionic surfactant, EDTA, BHT and paraben, it is natural and soft for the skin. It's also fragranced with a perfume concentrate mainly composed of natural essences.
Made in Provence in the respect of the environment, within its fabrication process or the rejects in the nature, its formula isn't only gentle for the environment, it's also over 95% biodegradable.
Using this product, following the instruction, is being an actor to reduce the pollution of water, the production of waste and the over use of electricity.

Opt for a simple and naturally washing formula

Lessive toute douce has a simple formula, naturally washable: contains up to 12% of liquid soap - a component inexistent in the regular detergent - and is formulated without
the additives used in many detergents on the market. Being very soft for the linen, there is no point in adding softener. It respects all types of textiles, even the most delicate ones (wool, silk...), for a hand or machine wash. It is effective on colour, black or white and at all temperatures from 20°C up to 95°C. It allows approximatively 22 washes.

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